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Presenting at DrupalCamps

Not content with just attending DrupalCamps, and also, not seeing many sessions from which I thought I would benefit, I decided earlier this year that I would take some of my knowledge and experience and offer to give it back by way of presenting at DrupalCamps.

In the past, I have not felt like my knowledge was concentrated or focused enough to be able to present, and so I didn't.

However, recently I spent some time doing specific tasks, and learning about one processs or another, so I decided to use some of those learning experiences as topics on which to present.

Drupal Camps

Early this year, I got a bug in me, and it's been growing steadily since then. That bug is my desire to make an income building software using Drupal as a base foundation.

There is one difference between me and most of the rest of the Drupal community (and indeed, most of the rest of the web development world): I don't want to build websites in the traditional sense. I can do it, but I really don't enjoy it as much as I enjoy building apps that provide fuinctionality and access to data in a backend database -- something more useful than an advertisement.

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