Presenting at DrupalCamps

Not content with just attending DrupalCamps, and also, not seeing many sessions from which I thought I would benefit, I decided earlier this year that I would take some of my knowledge and experience and offer to give it back by way of presenting at DrupalCamps.

In the past, I have not felt like my knowledge was concentrated or focused enough to be able to present, and so I didn't.

However, recently I spent some time doing specific tasks, and learning about one processs or another, so I decided to use some of those learning experiences as topics on which to present.

The two topics I choose to present on are using Chaos tools' Form wizard tool, and modifying a theme to use the Color module. I've presented the first one at DrupalCamp Sacramento 2012, DrupalCamp Utah 2012, DupalCamp LA 2012, DrupalCamp PHX 2013, and BADCamp 2013 and the second one at DupalCamp LA 2012. I did an impromptu presentation of hook_future_alter at DrupalCamp Utah 2012.

Attached are the files I used. The Form wizard ones were updated for the BADCamp presentation.

Color module.ppt139.5 KB
Ctools Form wizard.ppt224 KB
ctfw.zip32.66 KB

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